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British Columbia

Enjoy pristine natural environments and an enviable quality of life in British Columbia, also known as BC. Located on Canada’s Pacific Coast, it is the largest western province and, with 4.6 million people, the third most populous in the country. BC’s favourable climate facilitates all kinds of outdoor recreation – everything from watersports, cycling, and golf, to hiking, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Natural resource development, tourism, film and television production, and high-tech industries are important drivers of BC’s economy. The province is also home to world-renowned universities and medical facilities with innovative education and research programs.

The largest cities in BC are Vancouver (pop 2.4 million), Victoria (pop. 345,000), and Kelowna (pop. 180,000). Their sizable Asian communities have made Chinese and Punjabi the most spoken languages after English.


Saskatchewan, widely known as the “Land of the Living Skies”, is a growing province in the heart of Western Canada. It has many communities offering medical practice opportunities and a great way of life.

In addition to Canadian-born medical graduates, Saskatchewan relies heavily on internationally trained medical graduates to help deliver patient-first care to residents.

Saskatchewan has more than 1 million people living in an area twice the size of the United Kingdom (588,000 square kilometres); a medical training and research institution (University of Saskatchewan); a vibrant economy that includes agriculture, mining, and manufacturing; a fourseason climate with summer temperatures ranging from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius and winter temperatures ranging
from 0 to minus 25 degrees Celsius and, on average, the most sunshine of any Canadian province.

Many business, outdoor, and recreational opportunities await in this natural playground.


Manitoba is where golden wheat fields meet infinite blue sky. Cool, clean lakes and waterways - all 110,000 of them - beckon. Unexplored parks and forests fill you with the indigenous spirit of our fur-trading past. Manitoba is easternmost of the three Prairie Provinces. Located in the centre of Canada, Manitoba’s untouched natural beauty and urban elegance will leave you captivated.

Manitoba’s population is growing and is currently home to 1.2 million people spread out across the province with the largest population living in the capital city of Winnipeg. The population of Manitoba is diverse and people are known for their friendly and generous nature.

It is home to three universities with the Medical School housed at the University of Manitoba. The College of Medicine offers distance medical education across the province and opportunities for continuing medical education are abundant.